The You've Just Been Poisoned Shooter Glass will be perfect for any Halloween party or event! Mess with your guests and make them question the cocktail they just consumed. It is a super fun way to creep people out! Almost any shooter can be served in this size glass. Create dark or creamy signature shots so that the bottom is hidden until the liquid is consumed!

This 3 ounce Shooter / Shot glass is one of our best sellers. The ink is commercial dishwasher safe and will last up to 200 washes. Do not scrub imprint with abrasive materials.

  • Perfect for Halloween Parties
  • Screenprinted with Black Ink
  • Measurements: 2" height x 2.125" Rim Diameter x 1.75" Bottom Diameter
  • High quality BarConic® shot / shooter glass
  • Measures 3.5 oz. / 103.6 ml. when filled up to the rim
  • Material: Glass
You've Just Been Poisoned 3 oz Shooter Glasses

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