These terms will govern any orders placed with LogoBarproducts.com and its affiliates; therefore we encourage you to read these terms prior to placing your order. By submitting an order to LogoBarProducts.com, you (also referred to below as the customer) are hereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set forth below. This agreement is in lieu of a written consent, and will be binding by the both the customer and/or their representative(s).


LogoBarproducts.com specializes in custom screen printing promotional items such as bottle openers, glasses, cocktail shakers, and an assortment of other promotional bar accessories. LogoBarproducts.com strives to deliver the highest quality as well as exceptional service at the lowest prices in the market. While we are committed to meet your every need and expectation, we wish to inform you of certain limitations that are inherent within the screen printing industry.

Handling Recommendations

All steel, plastic, as well as some glass products should only be hand washed. It is not recommended to wash these products in a dishwasher as this will promote fading (and gradual loss) of the imprint.

Ordering Process Payment

Payment is due in full prior to commencement of production. Credit card authorization and address verification must be received prior to processing the order form.

Offline Ordering

Although we’re happy to assist you, we prefer orders be placed online. Orders placed through a representative (phone or email) may incur a $25 labor charge or 10% of the order total, whichever is greater.


You will receive an order confirmation/receipt via e-mail shortly after an order is placed. Please go over the e-mail very carefully to ensure that all the information is accurate. For any corrections or concerns, simply ‘reply’ back to that email, so that we may promptly correct any information prior to processing the order.

When an order has been placed, we do not send artwork proofs unless requested. If you would like to request a proof of your artwork before your order is printed, please e-mail or contact us immediately after your order has been placed.

If a proof is requested it will be sent within a 24 hour time period after the order is placed. The proof is sent to the email address used for the account unless otherwise specified. We will vigorously try to contact you to get your order into production as soon as possible. After a 7 business day time period, and there is no response your order will be put into production as we see it best.

Cancellations or Changing the Order

All orders canceled after 24 hours will be charged a 10% cancellation fee to cover processing charges.

Any order canceled after the items have been pulled will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Also, if the screen has already been created for your order, you will incur an additional $25 fee regardless of cancellation. If artwork has been created for your order, you will be responsible for the $10 artwork fee regardless of cancellation.

Any orders cancelled after a proof has been created but not yet put into production will be charged a 10% cancellation fee and the proof charge is non-refundable.

Once production has begun on your order, we will be unable to change or cancel the order.

CHANGES AND CORRECTIONS: For any corrections or changes that may be necessary on an order, please reply back to the sales confirmation email immediately. All changes must be made in writing within 24 hours upon receipt of the emailed confirmation. ONCE YOU PLACE AN ORDER, ANY FURTHER EDITS WILL RESTART THE PRODUCTION PROCESS, THEREBY RESETTING YOUR ORDER’S LEAD TIME. After the initial 24 hour period, we will not be held responsible for any changes requested. If production has not yet begun, any changes made outside of the 24 hour window will incur an additional $15 charge.

All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. If a cancellation is not confirmed in writing, and production has begun, you will be responsible for the ENTIRE cost of your order (minus shipping) and any additional applicable fees as outlined above.

Production Times

You have a choice of turnaround timelines. Your choice should reflect your “in hands” date, and we will do our utmost to stay within the given time frame. Please note that we are not responsible for late receipt of any order due to any unforeseeable circumstances, for example a lengthier proofing time, an out-of-stock product, printing or firing problems, weather-related issues or delays on behalf of the shipping company. Production time on orders with a quantity of 500 or less are typically between 9 and 12 business days but in our peak season could reach up to 15 business days. The posted production lead times DO NOT include shipping time in transit.


We make every attempt to deliver the exact quantity ordered. However, due to manufacturing issues, shipments may have an over-run or an under-run. Orders 288 pieces or less are subject to a 15% over-run or under-run. Over 288 pieces are subject to a 10% over-run or under-run.

Product Quality

Glasses with chips, cracks, major misshaping or major ink or imprint issues are rejected and reprinted during our inspection process. If you find you have received a flawed piece of glassware that is beyond the reasonable expectation we hold in our quality standards, we will credit you for the price of that glass at our discretion. We may ask for photographic evidence of the damage or mistake before issuing a credit.

Horizontal placement of imprints on two-sided glassware orders will be accurrate witin 0.25 inches.

Color Matching

While we represent our colors as accurately as possible, differences in monitor contrasts, browser displays and other technology factors often produces a slightly different color to the finished product than what you may see on the screen. In addition, minor changes in atmosphere, ink and other material changes and forces outside of our production controls may lead to slight changes to tint, opacity, shade or hue. While we strive to provide a range of colors and produce them as accurately as possible, there’s a chance that a blue imprint may come out slightly more navy or slightly more aqua, a red imprint may come out slightly more magenta or slightly more pink, etc. Please understand that we can not refund or replace for these minor changes in color.

Color Variations

For very large orders, such as 200 or more, subtle color variations can and will occur throughout a single order.

Shipping and Shipping Breakage

We will ship to most countries.

When checking out, shipping cost is estimated and any variance might need to be collected before your order proceeds to production. We ship out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA. Orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or international orders may require additional shipping. If you would like a shipping quote prior to placing the order, please contact us.

If you are in a country other than the United States, please be aware that your country's customs service may impose duties (fees) on merchandise you are importing, as well as, or in addition to, brokerage fees from the shipping carrier. This may come as a bill from them or they may hold your shipment until fees are paid. This website does not collect these fees, or similar types of fees, when ordering. It is the costumer's responsibility to pay duties, import fees, brokerage fees, etc. Once again, if your package is running extremely late, please contact us to utilize our resources to figure out what the problem is.

Countries we do not ship to
For various reasons, we cannot deliver packages to the following countries. If customers would like to arrange their own shipping via their own carrier, please contact us for arrangements: Ghana, Nigeria, Bolivia, Venezuela.

We take great precaution to prevent shipping breakage but occasionally it happens. If you receive an order with 20% or more damaged products we will replace the broken products on orders with quantities over 144 units. If the order contains less than 20% of the products damaged we will credit your account at a prorated percent of your order. Please note that we require adequate proof that the damage was caused before arriving at your facility, so please contact us and/or email us pictures of the breakage as soon as possible. As a rule when ordering glassware, we recommend ordering 5-10% more pieces than you need to accommodate for any breakage.

While we do send packages with tracking numbers for your convenience, we are not responsible for delivery. Because we use USPS, UPS and FedEx to deliver packages, final delivery is up to the individual carriers. BarProducts.com, Inc. and its affiliates will not issue refunds for packages lost, stolen or missing if we have delivery confirmation from the carrier. All delivery disputes must be handled through the carrier. We are happy to provide any information needed for your claim.

99% of orders will leave here and arrive to our customers without problems or delays, but please keep in mind that is an internet order business. As with all internet order businesses, we have to depend on outside entities to deliver products. Currently, we use the US Postal Service, the United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx to transport packages to our customers. These are two of the best in the business, but sometimes problems or delays do arise. If your package is running extremely late, please contact us to utilize our resources to figure out what the problem is. Domestic orders running late will typically show up on one end or the other within 30 days while international orders may take up to 90 days. Rest assured that we will do our part to resolve any problems that arise and you will not be expected to pay for items that were not delivered to the address you have chosen except as follows: UPS is the required shipping method for many remote and International locations as the shipment can be tracked. If another method is specified, we cannot guarantee delivery. If residing in an area which only accepts deliveries from a specific courier, please contact us to ensure delivery. We will determine if specified courier is an option which will be necessary to note on the receipt, otherwise the order will be shipped by the best method of Fedex, UPS or USPS to ensure low shipping costs. Returned packages due to an invalid address or unspecified courier may be subject to a reshipment fee. Please verify that all information such as apartment or suite numbers that is entered is correct to ensure fast, efficient delivery.

Carrier Responsibility: Once the package leaves our hands, it becomes the responsibility of the carriers who has its own delivery policies. Any expected delivery dates are estimates, and neither BarProducts.com, its subsidiaries or the delivery companies have control over issues involving weather, natural disasters, Acts of God and other unforeseen forces. While we will do our best to accommodate in hands dates, delivery services are performed by third-party companies and any proposed delivery date is an estimation, not a guarantee.

*Note that delivery dates are "approximately 9 - 12 business days". These dates are not “guaranteed” for orders with normal production timelines.

Return & Refund Policy

As you may be aware, custom printed products cannot be restocked. In fact, the industry standard for customized products dictates a no return and a no refund policy with the exception of items that are unusable. Unusable items include but are not limited to broken glassware, bent or misshapen bottle openers, cracked or broken license plates, etc. Items with production quality flaws are wholly non-refundable, but may be eligible for a discount or refund. If you receive an order with unusable items, you must contact us within seven days of receiving your order. We require photographic evidence of the unusable items prior to any credits being issued.

Satisfaction Guaranteed on all of our products returned in original condition within 30 days for a refund or exchange. All returns are subject to an RMA approval prior to return. Restocking fees may apply. All damaged products must be reported to us for exchange within 7 days of delivery, as we must file these requests with our carriers. Reported issues past 7 days may be disqualified from RMA replacement and further support. All returns are subject to an RMA approval prior to return. Please visit our Contact Page and use the Ticket System to request an RMA return notification. Returns will not be accepted unless they are complete. All original boxes, packing materials, parts, components and pieces must be returned to us for a return to be processed. If anything from the original product, including packing material, isn’t included in the return, a refund or exchange will not be granted. Packages must have the RMA number written on at least 3 sides of the box being returned to be properly processed.

issues with packaging, incorrect or missing items, or other order errors must be reported within 7 days of delivery. Any missing or damaged items must be reported within 7 days of delivery.

Products that are returned that were purchased using a credit card or eCheck are subject to a 15% charge to cover credit card or eCheck processing fees. Orders cancelled after processing, but prior to shipping are subject to a 10% charge to cover credit card processing fees. Videos and CD's are subject to a 25 % restocking fee. Shipping charges are non refundable.

LogoBarProducts.com will not be held accountable for the misuse of any products. LogoBarProducts.commakes every effort to ensure that your package is packed and shipped correctly. However, from time to time occasional errors are made. If you receive an incorrect item please contact our customer service department for assistance in correcting the error. We may request that the incorrect item be returned to us at our expense. If the item is not returned you may be charged for the incorrect item.

Store Credit

When a redo is no longer practical or even feasible, (either due to event date timelines, out-of-stock or quantity issues) LogoBarProducts.com will issue a store credit for up to the same value as the original order minus any shipping fees. Shipping charges will not be credited back as this charge is made on behalf of the shipping company. The store credit may be treated as cash, and may be used at any time and on any product we stock.

Copyright and Patent Information

When ordering any bottle opener that uses one of our supplied backgrounds, there will be a small copyright logo designed into the background.

Our V-Rod™ bottle opener is a new bottle opener design that is in the process of being patented by BarProducts.com Inc. All V-Rod™ bottle openers will have a small Patent Pending stamp on one side of the opener.

We will not restrict your use of protected material, as anything you put on a design that may inflict on a copyright or trademark is between you and the copyright holder. LogoBarProducts.com is not responsible for trademark and copyright violations by the customer, as we are simply a medium for producing intellectual property, not the holders thereof or the endorsers thereof. The onus is yours to seek and obtain permission to use any materials.

By using our services, you recognize that the responsibility is yours to secure the rights to artwork you use, whether supplied via your own resources or the Online Designer.

While you own the rights to your design, we might use your design as part of our promotions or marketing in the future. If you do not want your design to be used, feel free to contact us and let us know.

Liability Limitation

In all circumstances, LogoBarProducts.com’s maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products sold. LogoBarProducts.com will not, under any circumstance, be held liable for any claim or action that exceeds this liability limit. LogoBarProducts.com will not be liable for any third party claims for damages against the customer, nor for malfunction of product, cause of delays, interruption of service, or loss of business.

Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.

LogoBarProducts.com may offer special pricing and/or free shipping from time to time, however these discounts will not be honored on orders that have already been placed. No exceptions made.