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Our Company and Promise
Thank you for considering for your custom printed barware and bar product needs. As a division of, one of the largest online suppliers of bar and restaurant supplies, we have over 15 years experience in the industry. Our Logo division has been operating since 2007, producing hundreds of thousands of custom shot glasses, custom bottle openers and other custom bar supplies. Our home base is in sunny Largo, Florida with a 2nd location in New Salisbury, Indiana.

Our customer service department is made up of the exact people who take your artwork off of the online designer and prepare it for the screen printing process. If they don't think something looks right or could appear better, they will make every effort to contact you with recommended changes before you receive a shipment of shot glasses or openers with a typo or bad artwork. We are unique in this way, as most companies will simply produce whatever design you make and demand that you pay for new products if your order suffered from poor design. Our designers know that not everyone is an expert, so we'll gladly walk you through any part of the design process and offer help where needed.

Important Notice about Contacting


In the event that there is a problem with your order, whether it be a shipping, payment, or artwork concern, we may have to contact you before your order goes into production. Please be sure that your contact information is correct and that you can receive emails from the domains AND Unfortunately, if there is a problem with your order and we cannot get a hold of you, there is nothing we can do. Likewise, if you believe you should have already received your order, please contact us immediately and check your junk email folder and phone messages--we may have been trying to get a hold of you first!


In the event there is an issue preventing us from completing your order and we cannot reach you via the contact information you provided, orders may be cancelled after two months and you may be automatically refunded. Fees may apply if this is a cost to our company. We may repeatedly attempt to reach you and leave voice messages and/or emails, but the onus is on your behalf to make sure your contact information is correct.

What is the Online Designer?

The Online Designer is an Flash-based web application where customers can choose products, customize their choice, and order.

  • Ordering products has to be done either through the Online Designer or directly by Contacting Us.
  • The Online Designer has fonts and clip art built in, but you may also upload your own art.
  • The Online Designer accepts .psd or vector files.
  • For tips and troubleshooting, please visit the Online Designer Help page.

Production Time and Shipping


Production Time is the time it takes our designers and printers to move your design from our Online Designer to our art programs, make corrections and fittings, and produce the item. Our minimum production time is 4 to 7 BUSINESS DAYS. This DOES NOT include holidays or weekends. During our busy months (wedding season, major holidays), we are often running the full 12 Business Days for production. This does not include shipping time, it is production time only. It is our company policy NOT to guarantee delivery on any orders with less than 10 business days notice. Rush production and rush shipping may be available at the discretion of's production schedule. Please call to inquire if RUSH is available if you need them sooner. 727-584-2093.

Average production time depends on the product and the intricacy of the design.
Screen printed orders tend to have longer production times than Kolorcoat™ . Screen printed orders also tend to have more artwork issues (e.g., if the artwork submitted by the customer is not compliant with screenprinting requirements).

Shipping and Time Requirements
Most of our LogoBarProducts custom printed orders ship from our production facility in New Salisbury, Indiana. We are located outside of the Louisville, KY Area and use UPS for our primary shipping method. 

Ground Shipping Times Only:
Please note that these transit times are in addition to production times. For instance, an order going to California from Florida would take approximately 2 weeks to produce and another week (or more) to be shipped to you.

Expedited Shipping:
Glassware is heavy, and thus can be expensive to ship. While we recommend our ground shipping to be economical, we do offer expedited shipping via UPS next day, UPS 2nd day or UPS 3rd Day. These quoted ship dates are for shipping days only, not production days, and must be ready to ship before 2PM to be considered for expedited shipping.

Shipping Estimates:
All shipping costs calculated by the website are rough estimates. 
Due to the bulk and weight (especially of glassware), we may require you to pay a shipping upcharge. Furthermore, changing fuel charges and other expenses may apply to certain packages going to certain places. If we require more shipping than you were charged, the order will be held until we can confirm the additional funds with you. It is very important to leave a valid email address and phone number for all orders.

International Shipping:
If you are placing an international order, please be aware that your final cost may be adjusted once we get the final calculation from the shipping provider. Your country's customs service may impose duties (fees) on merchandise you are importing. This may come as a bill from them or they may hold your shipment until fees are paid. Once again, if your package is running extremely late, please contact us to utilize our resources to figure out what the problem is. Customs duties, import costs and border/customs issues are the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for the package once it leaves our hands by trackable carrier. If an order is forfeit or refused with the carrier or customs, the responsibility for the delivery falls on the customer and thus no replacement or refund will be granted.

Art Requirements & Uploading Your Artwork

We accept and prefer vector artwork for screen printing and hi-res images for Kolorcoat™ . If you have completed artwork in vector format, please use our File Manager.

Kolorcoat™ Requirements - Full color-capable products (Bottle Openers, License Plates, Coasters, and more).

For more information on Kolorcoat™ , see below.

  • All Kolorcoat printed items can be full color, photographs or most anything you'd like.
  • Uploaded file size has to be at least 300 dpi at full size if rasterized.
  • We are not responsible for a bad print quality if the file size is not 300dpi at full size and we cannot contact you.
  • We make it a point to call our customers if we don't think something will print well before going to production.

Vinyl Requirements - Full color vinyl sticker products (Retractable Reels, Custom Corporate Sticker Orders)

  • Full color graphics, photographs, and vector accepted.
  • File size has to be at least 300 dpi at full size if rasterized.
  • Keep wording and detail as large as possible in most cases. Tiny text on a reel may be too small to read. Usually a simple logo works best.
  • Even if the final design size is tiny, please upload large size artwork for maximum quality.


  • Minor adjustments may be made automatically by our artists for optimum printing, but it is not our responsibility to identify all user mistakes.
  • Proofreading is up to YOU. We cannot be responsible when a customer spells a name wrong or uses the wrong date or detail.
  • Computer monitors are much lower in resolution than printed products. If you have to zoom in your uploaded work in the designer, it will probably be low quality in print!
  • All computer monitors vary in color! We print on carefully calibrated equipment and cannot be responsible if the product does not match your monitor's colors. If you have exact CMYK, RGB, or Hex codes, you may contact us to make sure your order prints the color you require.
  • Due to finite imprint areas, we reserve the right to resize your artwork in order to fit the imprint area of the item ordered; regardless of what size the submitted artwork is. However, if you request a specific imprint size, we will comply, providing it does not exceed the maximum imprint size of the item ordered. Imprint area sizes are available on the product details pages of our website.

File Manager

Directly uploading files (not using the Online Designer) is how to submit vector artwork and completed layered artwork (.psd).
Visit the File Uploader page to use the file manager, complete with instructions and more information.

If you prefer to design your items yourself, or have someone else do it, you would use the File Manager to send us your artwork. For Kolorcoat™ products, we have .psd templates available.

Screen Printing Primer

Silkscreen, screenprinting, or seriography

The process is about 1,000 years old and still remains the preferred way to print massive quantities on a huge array of surfaces cheaply and effectively.

This section is about one color screen printing, but we do offer full color photographic custom printing on many products.

What is silk screening?

Silkscreening is a process where a transfer screen is created to allow many copies to be made in a single color of an image on to a number of mediums, such as shot glasses or stainless steel openers. The screens are produced through a process similar to darkroom photography. We use the highest mesh screens available, thus allowing a high degree of detail in the images. While most anything can be silkscreened, the best images for silkscreening will be line art, text, clip art and simple shapes.

silk screening

Single-color printing process and why we only print in one color

The silkscreening process, while powerful and relatively inexpensive, has one inherent limitation. We can only screen one color. Because of the limitations of the process, a single color is placed into the screening machine and a single pass screen transfer is created. The image transfers fully and correctly, but is limited to this one color.

Photographs and why gradients won’t work

Photographs, like all raster images, have gradients, shades, hues and dithering that won’t be transferred in the silkscreening process. Any time more than one color is used, the screen treats every open area as a solid image. Thus, there’s no way to properly re-produce a photograph using this method. While there are silkscreening methods used by other companies in other industries (such as t-shirt printing) that allow 4 spot colors, these transfers would not be applicable to the shotglass and stainless steel printing that we do.

What is the difference between a raster and vector image?

A raster (or bitmap) image is composed of pixels with each pixel having a specific value. Each pixel in a raster/bitmap has a defined color value and most photographs contain thousands or millions of pixels which comprise the picture. Adobe Photoshop is a raster based software program that allows you to edit raster files such as photographs.

NOTE: Vector artwork cannot be submitted to the Online Designer. You must use the File Uploader page.

A vector image is a math-based image that uses paths with a start and end point and does not use pixels. With a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator you can add or remove points or nodes to the path that will allow you to bend, twist, stretch, straighten the path into any object. That is why a vector image can be scaled to any size and (whether it will be printed on a business card or on a billboard) will still retain its sharpness, whereas a raster image has a set resolution and if it is enlarged will become blurry.

If you haven't guessed it, we at love vector!

Font Selection and Size
It is important to select a clean, clear font. Letters that are jumbled together may look good on your monitor but when printed on a smaller area they may bleed together and become unclear. Please be sure to implement proper spacing.

Screen Printing Colors
Our silkscreen process is available in an assortment of 15 standard print colors. Here is a representation of each color on our 1 oz. Shot glass.

Ink Colors



Color Matching:
While we represent our colors as accurately as possible, differences in monitor contrasts, browser displays and other technology factors often produces a slightly different color to the finished product than what you may see on the screen. In addition, minor changes in atmosphere, ink and other material changes and forces outside of our production controls may lead to slight changes to tint, opacity, shade or hue. While we strive to provide a range of colors and produce them as accurately as possible, there’s a chance that a blue imprint may come out slightly more navy or slightly more aqua, a red imprint may come out slightly more magenta or slightly more pink, etc. Please understand that we can not refund or replace for these minor changes in color.

We can also do some custom colors. While many colors can be mixed from our stock colors to create custom shades, we do not offer PMS/Pantone color matching at this time. We'll make every attempt to produce a color for you that is consistent throughout the production run but we do not guarantee exact PMS colors. For color matching, we can only guarantee colors within four shades. For custom ink colors, please contact a representative at 727-584-2093. ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY FOR CUSTOM COLORS.

Kolorcoat™ Primer

Full color high resolution dye-sublimation printing

NOTE: For very large orders, such as 500 or more, subtle color variations can and will occur throughout a single order.

This section is about full color Kolorcoat™ printing, but we do offer custom screen printing on most products.

What is Kolorcoat™?
The dye-sublimation process allows for richly-colored photographs, graphics, text and more to be printed on a large variety of products, from powder-coated metal, fabrics, plastics, ceramics and more. The result is water-resistant, durable, and a favorite choice for single or small orders as gifts and keepsakes, as well as for corporate orders who want to take their marketing a step up from screenprinted materials. It uses high heat to permanently transfer special ink onto surfaces.

What products can I put full color art on?
Currently, we offer full color printing on Bottle Openers, Coasters, Can and Bottle Cooler, Coffee Mugs, Flair Bottles, Flip Menus, and License Plates and Frames, Stickers.

Why is scaling down preferred?
Printing allows for much higher resolution than your computer monitor shows. If you upload a photograph that already looks the right size in the Online Designer, or needs to be scaled up, it's already going to lose quality and may show pixelation. We recommend uploading art bigger (even up to 3 times) than what it appears you need in the designer, then use the designer to scale it down to the right size. This is because our artists will receive the full sized file even if you scale it, so we can ensure the highest resolution and prevent quality loss.

Photo Tips

Again, upload LARGE art!
A thumbnail image will NOT look good on a product. Some of our products are large, such as our license plates, which at nearly a foot long, they're about 3,600 pixels wide when printed at 300dpi! Unless your art is enormously huge (like a poster print) do NOT size down your art before uploading it, rather scale it down in the Online Designer so our art team still has your full size original to work with.

Avoid skewing!
Skewing is when you resize a photograph at unequal proportion. In the Properties box in the Online Designer, you'll see the option "Lock" checked by default. We recommend leaving this checked for photographs. Skewing greatly reduces quality and is generally aesthetically displeasing.



Contact us
A representative will be able to determine if a graphic designer can assist you with this. Note: Artwork varies in complexity. Editing time may incur fees.

What's the best way to add text?
It is more common than not for customers to want text on top of a solid color or photographic background. This could be a name, business, quote, sentiment... just about anything message. We HIGHLY recommend that your text be clear and large, and that you choose a text color that contrasts with the background.


Copyright, Trademarks, and Sensitive Subject Matter

Can you print brand names, logos or other items that are copywritten or restricted?
We can print most anything you bring to us. We will not restrict your use of protected material, as anything you put on a design that may inflict on a copyright or trademark is between you and the copyright holder. is not responsible for trademark and copyright violations by the customer, as we are simply a medium for producing intellectual property, not the holders thereof or the endorsers thereof. The onus is yours to seek and obtain permission to use any materials.
By using our services, you recognize that the responsibility is yours to secure the rights to artwork you use, whether supplied via your own resources or the Online Designer.

Is there anything you won't print?
While we're an open minded company that appreciates even the darkest senses of humor, we refuse to print anything that is hateful, racist, abusive, illegal or derogatory. Foul or "blue" language is permitted, as long as it's in the context of humor. While we appreciate your rights to free speech, we will not be an accessory to hate or abuse. Nudity is permitted pending it fits the above requirements and you have the legal right to its use.

Proofs and Art Charges

We rarely provide an unrequested proof unless we have made a drastic change to the artwork and need your approval. You may request a digital proof for a charge when ordering. A graphic designer will double check your artwork and present a visual mockup approximation of how it would look on the product.

Art Charges
If you submit artwork in a camera ready format, meaning it's in a vector format or a high resolution raster that can be made production ready inside of 15 minutes, there will be no additional art charges to complete your order.

If artwork needs to be corrected, spaced, re-arranged, adjusted, simplified or otherwise changed, an art charge of $25/hour will be applied pending your approval. Our designers will work with you to keep these charges to a minimum and we will contact you about the charge before the work is done. Our artists have many years in the print business and have access to thousands of vector and rasterized clip art files. Oftentimes we already have a suitable replacement if your artwork is of poor quality or size! If not, you can hire us at the above fee to help you design your order.