Shipping and Shipping Breakage

We will ship to most countries.

When checking out, shipping cost is estimated and any variance might need to be collected before your order proceeds to production. We ship out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA. Orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or international orders may require additional shipping. If you would like a shipping quote prior to placing the order, please contact us.

If you are in a country other than the United States, please be aware that your country's customs service may impose duties (fees) on merchandise you are importing, as well as, or in addition to, brokerage fees from the shipping carrier. This may come as a bill from them or they may hold your shipment until fees are paid. This website does not collect these fees, or similar types of fees, when ordering. It is the costumer's responsibility to pay duties, import fees, brokerage fees, etc. Once again, if your package is running extremely late, please contact us to utilize our resources to figure out what the problem is.

Countries we do not ship to
For various reasons, we cannot deliver packages to the following countries. If customers would like to arrange their own shipping via their own carrier, please contact us for arrangements: Ghana, Nigeria, Bolivia, Venezuela.

We take great precaution to prevent shipping breakage but occasionally it happens. If you receive an order with 20% or more damaged products we will replace the broken products on orders with quantities over 144 units. If the order contains less than 20% of the products damaged we will credit your account at a prorated percent of your order. Please note that we require adequate proof that the damage was caused before arriving at your facility, so please contact us and/or email us pictures of the breakage as soon as possible. As a rule when ordering glassware, we recommend ordering 5-10% more pieces than you need to accommodate for any breakage.

While we do send packages with tracking numbers for your convenience, we are not responsible for delivery. Because we use USPS, UPS and FedEx to deliver packages, final delivery is up to the individual carriers., Inc. and its affiliates will not issue refunds for packages lost, stolen or missing if we have delivery confirmation from the carrier. All delivery disputes must be handled through the carrier. We are happy to provide any information needed for your claim.

99% of orders will leave here and arrive to our customers without problems or delays, but please keep in mind that is an internet order business. As with all internet order businesses, we have to depend on outside entities to deliver products. Currently, we use the US Postal Service, the United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx to transport packages to our customers. These are two of the best in the business, but sometimes problems or delays do arise. If your package is running extremely late, please contact us to utilize our resources to figure out what the problem is. Domestic orders running late will typically show up on one end or the other within 30 days while international orders may take up to 90 days. Rest assured that we will do our part to resolve any problems that arise and you will not be expected to pay for items that were not delivered to the address you have chosen except as follows: UPS is the required shipping method for many remote and International locations as the shipment can be tracked. If another method is specified, we cannot guarantee delivery. If residing in an area which only accepts deliveries from a specific courier, please contact us to ensure delivery. We will determine if specified courier is an option which will be necessary to note on the receipt, otherwise the order will be shipped by the best method of Fedex, UPS or USPS to ensure low shipping costs. Returned packages due to an invalid address or unspecified courier may be subject to a reshipment fee. Please verify that all information such as apartment or suite numbers that is entered is correct to ensure fast, efficient delivery.

Carrier Responsibility: Once the package leaves our hands, it becomes the responsibility of the carriers who has its own delivery policies. Any expected delivery dates are estimates, and neither, its subsidiaries or the delivery companies have control over issues involving weather, natural disasters, Acts of God and other unforeseen forces. While we will do our best to accommodate in hands dates, delivery services are performed by third-party companies and any proposed delivery date is an estimation, not a guarantee.

*Note that delivery dates are "approximately 9 - 12 business days". These dates are not “guaranteed” for orders with normal production timelines.