Who says size matters? These mini speed openers act just as well as the professional regular speed opener, but are more compact. These openers compliment our retractable reel accessories very well and are most commonly used by the lady bartenders. We offer the Mini styles with our Kolorcoat™ full color printing capabilities as well as screen printing with several opener color options including our Vinyl coated opener options. Made from a high quality material… will not bend or break.

As part of the two-sided Kolorcoat process, darker Kolorcoat items may have a faint or lightened edge. This does not affect the artwork on your products as it is only on the outer edges.

With bottle openers we strongly advise that your text stays at least .25 inches from the edges and holes. Some small discoloration can occur near the opener hole during the print process as the metal is indented to accommodate the function of bottle opening.

Kolorcoat™ Mini Speed Opener - Beach

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