Introducing a very unique cocktail glass, in the shape of a light bulb! The beautiful rare glass design will leave your guests speechless when you serve up your next concoction. Get creative and ice down your favorite fish bowl, coconut cup or anything with a larger rim and place this cocktail glass inside of it to keep chilled. It measures 5" tall and has a flat base bottom allowing it to stand sturdy. The top piece is metal and screws off easily, while a plastic molded cork is included as well. With this cool light bulb cocktail glass your next cocktail presentation will have sparks flying! It can also be used as a decorative piece.

$45 Set Up Fee / $25 for Reorders

  • Unique Cocktail Glass
  • high quality screen imprint
  • Measures 5" tall
  • Can be used as decorative
  • Metal top that screws off
  • Molded Stopper
Imprinted Light Bulb Cocktail Glass- 8 ounces

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