This fun and classy Speed Bar Key is the perfect way to have your very own custom bottle opener! The blank space gives you plenty of room to add your name or any other text you desire. Just type what you want it to say, and we'll take care of the rest. Personalized bar keys are a great gift idea for home and working bartenders!

Speed Bottle Openers are a “must have” for any bartender. Most commonly kept in back pockets, they offer you a quick and convenient way to pop the caps off of beer bottles.

PLEASE NOTE: "Add your Name" is an optional feature to this design. If you wish to purchase just the design without this feature, simply leave the text field blank.

  • Add your own name or text capability
  • Cute and fun Watercolor Dot design
  • High quality, stainless steel, durable Speed Bottle Opener ideal for busy bartenders
  • Also great for home bar use
ADD YOUR NAME SPEED Bottle Opener – Watercolor Spots

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