What exactly is Kolorcoat™ and why would you pick this over screen printing or vice versa?

The Kolorcoat™ process is BarProducts' method of transferring Full Color artwork on an array of materials. Full color printing is a great way to show off your artwork and not be limited by color choices. With the Kolorcoat™ process you can use techniques and artwork not used or allowed with screen printing. Have fun with gradients, shadows & photography and make these openers one of a kind.

Not an artist or designer? That's ok, let our online designer help take your idea, combine it with our premade templates, and turn it into something that's perfect for gifts, promotional giveaways, or for that local bartender with the heavy hands.

In addition to the bottle openers within this section, we also have a wide array of items that can also be used for full color printing such as, stickers, dog tags, license plates, puzzles, flair bottles, retractable reels and can and bottle coolers.

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